The Candidates

We are pleased to announce the following companies have been selected to move to Phase 2 of the programme:

BarterForThings - Audio triggered alarm device for emergency services
Blueprint - Remote water toxicity sensor
Cimlogic - Production line sensors for motion detection and fault alert
Mycroclime - Horticultural environmental monitor and controller
Piphan - WiFi to Sigfox bridge for an environmental monitor alert system
SquarePyramid - Home automation and remote monitoring hub
Ulsys - Pressure sensor for medical application
Verleck Technologies - Lost item tracker

Step 2 - Mentoring Phase:
  • Use of test Sigfox basestation and secure lab facilities for a minimum of 3 months at ADI's headquarters in Salts Mill, Saltaire
  • Online training resources in Sigfox technology
  • Weekly Friday afternoon workshops, seminars, demonstrations and troubleshooting sessions that can be attended in person or via webinar
  • Mentoring support from ADI's expert IoT technologists, Arqiva and Dr Andrew Kemp, Senior Lecturer from University of Leeds
  • Commercial advice from the ADI and Arqiva teams

Step 3 - Competition Phase. After the Mentoring Phase is complete:
  • All mentored companies will have the opportunity to demonstrate proof of concept products and pitch to a panel of senior ADI, Arqiva and Leeds University staff
  • The best products will be supported through the development of a commercial prototype through a commercialisation agreement with ADI
  • The best products will be promoted by ADI and by Arqiva's Partner Network (Sigfox SNO) and via ADI's existing customer network
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